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How Do We Really Change?

19 July 2012
Jay Kimble

I know, I promised posts here and they have never come. I’m not going to promise anything more than this, but there will probably be a few. Today, I have had just this thought that has been closing in on me.. I have had numerous experiences that have left me pondering. I could easily have titled this “How Do I Change?” I could probably make this a 17 part blog series since I know all about trying to change. Heck, I’m in Celebrate Recovery for some of my issues (NOTE: Celebrate Recover is all about healing our hurts, habits and hang-ups in a Christ-Centered way. I like to joke that I have all 3). Anyway, this isn’t really a post about C.R. per se...

Personal Blog Post 1

07 December 2009
Jay Kimble

Welcome to my personal blog. I don't have anything to write at this moment, but this is where I will post my thoughts that exist outside of my development world. I do after all have a degree in Christian Ministries from Malone College (well, they're now Malone University). I am interestingly enough not a republican nor am I liberal democrat (somewhere in between). I'll tend to avoid too much politics and am more concerned about the areas of justice and mercy --the things God really cares about, so when politics enters the fray understand what my focus is. I'm also have some ideas about modernizing the church which I'll save for another day. Anyway, that's enough for a first post.