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14 September 2006
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

install McAffee’s Suite. 

Seriously, yesterday I made the biggest performance/stability change to my new laptop.  I decided to take 15 minutes and uninstall McAfee and install my standard antivirus app (which at the moment is Avast… but if they screw up they’ll be gone, too). 

I can now reboot the laptop in under 10 minutes.  Weird phantom things don’t keep other computers on my network from accessing the laptop (in other words McAfee’s firewall which when you go to disable it it proclaims that there is a less intrusive mode that will block nothing… liars! <grin />)

I now no longer have to log into my exchange server twice (once for Outlook 2007 and once for McAfee’s spam guard which, BTW, was disabled).

I understand the feelings of many security professionals who want to protect users from themselves.  The problem is that they want the system to lie to the user and not tell them what is going on.  No good, IMO.  The end result is… well…in my case, the user uninstalls your app, and tells the world on his/her blog. So not only didn’t you sell to me, but you’ve made a anti-evangelist for yourself… not good.. not good. 

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