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30 March 2007
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

I don't know what the proper place is to put this, but after playing with Orcas' Javascript editor I would like to suggest a few things. BTW, I am finding myself regularly using Aptana for JavaScript editing and can't wait to get back to a single unified editor, so I really want Orcas to succeed; BTW, IMNHO Orcas still has to get around #1 on this list to match Aptana. Since I now know #1 is there I may be uninstalling Aptana soon! (thanks guys).

1) I need Intellisense in SCRIPT files (read .JS files) to be able to somehow give me access to objects that are in other script files. Aptana gives me the concept of a profile where I drag various script files into the profile area which adds their contents to the Intellisense (for any file I'm editing JS in). I've actually thought that maybe the solution is to have some syntax that is a comment that notifies both Orcas and a programmer using this script to be aware of what files are necessary for this script to work... something like:
// Using "../MSAjax.js"

2) Refactoring! Yes, I'm serious! The main refactoring that I want is to be able to highlight code and to extract a method... rename and make property is just icing on the cake for me, but extract method would be awesome! (Aptana doesn't have this one)

3) Built-in JS library testing. Ok, I know this is a stretch, but it's worth asking for.

4) While I'm at it, get Nikhil K. to turn over Script# and add it to Orcas! It rocks and would really help adoption to MS Ajax (since oen only really needs to know C# to use Script# and therefore create JS code)

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Announcing the DTAjax Extensions to the MS ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Extensions v1.0

28 March 2007
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

[oops I forgot the link I think] 

So I tried to submit some of my controls to the AjaxControlToolbox, but was turned down... Basically when I asked if they wanted my horizontal splitter, I was asked if it complied with some composite control someone had requested (since it didn't and I didn't feel like making it work that way, I said no which ended the conversation).

Anyway, enough about the AjaxControlToolbox, this is an announcement for my little AJax Project... so without further adieu...

Announcing the DTAjax Extensions to the MSA2AEv1(that would be "MS ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Extensions v1.0")
First of all you can get it here.  Here's what I did. I have a couple script components, a couple extensions, and a control that I wanted to release to the world. I have been building this stuff as I have been preparing to do the various trainings/presentations that I do these days (yes, you heard that right... you, too, can hire me to come give an MS Ajax training at your company.

Script Components

  • Sys.Attribute - provides .NET style attributes to Javascript
  • Sys.Hashtable - provides a HashTable-like structure to Javascript
  • Sys.TimerUtil - provides some utilities for manipulating Server Side timer controls from Script
  • Sys.UpdatePanelHelper - provides a mechanism to register to receive events in an UpdatePanel's lifecycle

Server Components

  • InPlaceEditExtender - utilizes the InPlaceEditBehavior sample by Nikhil Kothari from last year (I re-wrote the extender and ported the behavior to the v1 MS Ajax)
  • HoverEffectsExtender - simple Extender/Behavior for applying simple CSS hovereffects (this is mainly a sample)
  • HSplitterPanel - My many times mentioned horizontal splitter control has now seen the light of day

Stuff to do

  • Create docs (!!)
  • Create Samples
  • Create Tests (I want good quality from this thing and tests help to be able to make sure everything is running OK... I know I'm not TDD yet, but who knows...)

Oh yeah, the Server Components currently reference the AjaxControlToolbox (I need to doublecheck to see if it's necessary).

BTW, I plan on making my improved ScriptManager to appear in this project and I'm open to letting others join and add their own stuff too... The idea is that this is not the big AjaxControlToolbox, but I would like it to become second to it, and would like to at least supplement it.

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CodeCamp Orlando slides/VS Project

26 March 2007
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

I spoke at CodeCamp Orlando on Troubleshooting Client Script apps with MS Ajax.  I wanted to publish my slides and project, so attached to this post is a zip file containing both.  The project is mainly Javascript and the aspx file.  I have actually built my own source browser so if you hit the web site from the root, you'll be able to run the sample apps (that are in VS), browse the source code, and also get the pptx file.

There's also an Aptana directory containing the files I used for Aptana (these are the same files used with Orcas).

BTW, people have had problems downloading stuff from this blog if they were using IE7 (I'm not sure of the exact version of Community Server we run around here or if it was just a couple people, but if you are having problems... use something other than IE7)

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Orcas and BLOCKED SCRIPT I stand corrected...

23 March 2007
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

Ok, so I complained first and asked questions later... I'm eating crow right now. Why? Because Scott Guthrie is the Man! Scott basically predicted my problem (which is a known issue)... and now I have intellisense goodness. I didn't mean to seem to be a naysayer... I just know that these CTPs are not always bullet proof.

BTW, if you are coming to the Orlando CodeCamp this Saturday, I will be showing Orcas' Script intellisense! I think that is big enough that I won't need to give something away. Also, don't miss Dave's sessions... well, you can miss the session that competes with mine <grin />.

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Orcas Disappointment

22 March 2007
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

[Minor update here... I was having an issue with the Javascript editor in the Orcas CTP (March 2007).  Scott Guthrie referred me to the solution in the comments... so I had to post a retraction here. This is a typical post of mine where I tried hard, then blogged, and then found that there is a solution (if I had only searched for it)] 

I spent the last couple days (in my spare time) trying to build an Orcas image that would fit onto an external drive I have, so I could demonstrate the new JavaScript editing at CodeCamp this weekend in Orlando (to go along with my Aptana Demo).

Man, am I disappointed.  I know it's a CTP, but the intellisense seems to be only basic JavaScript, so it's not parsing the script libraries I have included (although I am getting an error that implies that it was trying to  parse my files).

I'm going to make a few more attempts before giving up (it is a CTP after all...)

BTW, Remember CTP stands for Constantly Changing unTil Production, so if you're mad about LINQ to Entities... hang on things will change (and it might not make it into the beta)... BTW, whatever happened to ObjectSpaces?

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