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Hooters Mosaic App - Initial Info

23 June 2010
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

I gotta share the cool app I've been working on for the last month (since it is live today). It's a mosaicof the Hooters logo containing pictures of Hooters girls for their Beauty Pageant (it also has various other hooters related pictures in the mosaic.. more on that in a minute). It is Facebook-enabled so if you don't do Facebook you won't be using this app. Within the mosaic you can search for a girl or simply press next and it will take you to each of the girls, bring up her bio and other information, and will provide you with a vote button (which you can do once a day). If you are browsing around and stop with a contestant (they have orange borders and hooters logos on them) in the middle of the screen (and there aren't that many other girls around.. in other words the picture should be somewhat zoomed in so that it's a decent size on screen), the voting controls/bio will popup. The Silverlight app tracks where you are in the app. Every time you go into the app, it randomizes the order of the girls, which we did to make it fair for the girls.

The mosaic itself is made up of over 10,000 images (although we didn't have that many to work with). We ended up duplicating the images multiple times in our mosaic (for instance each contestant is in the mosaic 6 or more times). We also provided some filler images in the mosaic of 2009 Beauty Pageant as well as pics of girls from various months pics in the Hooters Magazine as well as advertisements (so not all the girls in the mosaic are contestants). See if you can guess how many pics we actually have in it (excluding duplicates).

The backend (non-Silverlight) stuff is Azure (and needs to be). It also uses ASP.NET MVC and the Azure-Facebook toolkit created by Thuzi (,y employer).

Here's the link (again): Hooters Pageant App

I'll be showing this off at the next Tampa Bay Silverlight User Group this month (before John Papa tales over), and there are a few secrets that I'll share then. Over the coming months I'll be sharing some insights I learned about the MultiScaleImage control (the heart of Silverlight's DeepZoom Technology), and how I was able to implement a MVVM (pronounced "ViewModel") within a DeepZom app. The first real talk that I give on this topic will be at Pasco .Net next month.

BTW, here's what the app looks like: