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21 April 2015
Jay Kimble

My Experiment with Azure

In my last post, I mentioned my plan that I had to put into high gear. I read a post by Scott Hanselman a while back about penny pinching while using Azure to host your web site. It's a great read and it got me thinking that I wanted to try to host all my web sites on Azure, but decided to not do what everyone else does (which is host inside a VM). I don't like maintaining the OS. It's not what I do, so this blog is a bit of an experiment. We'll see how the first month goes to decide if I stick with Azure Web sites or if I go with a VM.

Mostly I need a blog and a couple web sites (actually 3), and that is it. With some of my stuff I can live with the using free azure web sites (although the ones with domains require something non-free).

Anyway, I went through the set up and used a stock content manager for everything (Composite C1). This content manager doesn't require SQL Server (it actually uses XML files behind the scenes). You may or may not like that. It really doesn't matter to me. I'm not interested in maintaining the blog's software only the content. It seems like this is the right idea. Although I did have to temporarily increase to a basic site as opposed to the shared option (I put quite a bit of traffic on this in the midst of my initial edits).

[With that we are ready for my new series of posts on "Being a .NET Developer in an Ever Increasing JavaScript World" ]

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My first post (please ignore)

20 March 2004
Jay Kimble

[WARNING! This is an archived post and as such there may be things broken/missing here.. you have been warned.]

Ok, I have been blogging privately for a little bit.  I already know that I'll be sporadic (probably not everyday). 

But for what it is worth, <rant> what is with people?  I recently went through all the blogs at msdn.  There are entries for back in the November/December timeframe that have 1 post.  The 1 post points out that “yes, this is my first post, but I plan to write a lot more.  I have a cool perspective cause... well, I work for Microsoft.”  Decmber was a long time ago...

I wonder what happened to this person?  I know that they wouldn't lie to me.  At least, you think they won't lie because they've never lied to me before.  I mean these people work for an important company like Microsoft and this is a technology blog (not some blog by a 14 year old girl) </rant>

Ok, I feel better.  Please ignore me, I only have 1 blog entry and it's not even technical. 

It's my intention to write more stuff.  We'll see if my intentions pan out (OK, I know I'm going to have 2 entries, but the second one won't be technical either).