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21 April 2015
Jay Kimble

Looking back on my blog...

I recently had a bunch of crazy things happen. First of all, a little over a year ago I went to work for AgileThought. I lost my final client and was no longer an independent developer. My web site was still hosted with the client's stuff (as we had hopes of continuing the project, but he was limited on funds).. so we were/are on good terms.

Fast forward to the beginning of April (and the beginnings of the craziness), my former client decided to just shut things down. In his mind no sense in spending money for something he wasn't using, so he had shut things down. I had been thinking for months that I needed to vacate the premises of his servers, but had gotten around to it. Strangely enough it was a warning from some Google Webmaster services that I signed up that told me that my domains were down.

Now I had a plan already (more on that in another blog post), so I rushed my plan into action bringing my sites back up from the dead (well, everything is up, but I'm not 100% happy yet.. this site is close though). I was able to extract most of my old blog posts (I have a couple that I can get back, but not sure it's worth the effort for a post from 8+ years ago!) The one catch and the real point of this post (man, I'm long winded!) is that I had to go back through every post just to get all the dates right. I left the comments behind (a long time ago). I combined both my old Jay Kimble blog and my TRT/CodeBetter/DotNetJunkies blog posts into a single archive (actually this blog now goes back to those early days).

During this process I discovered a few things:

1. Wow! When I started, I was more than a little grumpy. I could point to a bunch of posts where I just needed to get my emotions out. Now when I started blogging, I had more than a few issues (I'm getting better). I also was in a job that I hated. It showed.

2. Back in the beginning I had a good group of friends who were opinionated but not blogging. I leveraged a number of those conversations to create blog posts. 

3. I was not as good as I thought. I guess too we're talking about content from over 10 years ago. I have grown. I'm a different person and a different developer.

4. Has it really been over a year since I blogged? That's hard to believe! Part of it is that I have been busy in life as well as busy professionally. And honestly, I didn't have that much to say. I have just stepped down from my community involvement and am looking to step up my blogging/speaking efforts again (I'm not really interested in running a user group anymore or at least for now).